The Aiken Horse Show - Since 1916

Spectator Information

Take in a rich tradition and a part of early Aiken and Hitchcock Woods history! The Aiken Horse Show takes place at the scenic Aiken Horse Show Grounds in Hitchcock Woods. Spectators are encourage to come and view the horses, jumps, courses, and various classes that take place throughout the weekend.

Join us for a Picnic in the Woods on Friday, March 31st under the big tent.

There will also be a food truck courtesy of the Dinner Bell or you are welcome to bring in a picnic lunch yourself.

Please make sure that you stop by the Hitchcock Tent to check out the Silent Auction as well.

There will also be Hitchcock Woods merchandise available for purchase.

The Aiken Horse show has free admission if you are willing to walk from any of our entrances. Spectators may also drive into the Woods via our South Boundary Entrance. If you choose to drive, parking is available for spectators for a cost of $10 per car. All proceeds benefit the Hitchcock Woods Foundation.