The Aiken Horse Show - Since 1916

Rules and Regulations

In all divisions, judging will follow USEF Guidelines.

Riders and horses must pre-enter before March 29th. Late fee is $30 per horse.

All riders must sign a "hold harmless release" and leave a signed blank check at the Secretary's stand to receive their number.

Proof of negative Coggins is required. You must send a copy with your entry . Late Fee is $5 per horse.

Foxhunters, Junior Foxhunters, and Hilltoppers must have a letter of qualification from the Master of their hunt, stating that the horse and rider combination has been out hunting three times this season. The qualification form is in the Prize List and is available on the Aiken Horse Show website:

Hard hats must be worn at all times when mounted. Children must have a properly adjusted (snug) harness. In all classes, riders must wear an ASTM approved helmet. No top hats or bowlers will be allowed.

Proper attire is required for all classes. Braiding is appreciated.

Martingales are prohibited in all under saddle classes.

Anyone paid to ride, exercise, or instruct is not eligible to compete in the Amateur Divisions.

Classes may be split, combined, or cancelled at the discretion of the Show Director.

Each obstacle will have a high and a low side. All entries in the Foxhunter Division must jump the high side.

See courses for dotted line rule.

No horse or pony may be tied to the ring railing.

No vans or trailers are allowed in the Woods.

Anyone found riding in the ring after March 1st will be disqualified.

All horses must jog for soundness.

Points will be Tabulated as Follows: 1st- 10 points, 2nd- 6 points, 3rd- 4 points, 4rth- 2 points, 5th -1 point, 6th- .5 point. Divisions with 3 or more entries are eligible for Champion and Reserve Champion awards. Points for the top 4 riders over fences will be combined with their Under Saddle points and the rider with the most points will be awarded the Championship, with the second highest winner receiving the Reserve Championship. In the event there is a tie, the rider with the most points over fences with receive the Championship.

The Grand Champion each day will be awarded to the horse/rider combination that receives the most points during that day of competition.

All visitors are welcome to bid in the Silent Auction in the big tent.

No Dogs permitted in the tent. Volunteers are happy to hold dogs and horses while ordering food, using the port-a-lets, or bidding of the Silent Auction. Simply ask.

In case of inclement weather, please check the Hitchcock Woods Facebook Page or call the Hitchcock Woods Foundation office at (803) 642-0528.

Absolutely no smoking in the Hitchcock Woods.